About Us

Oriental Palace is offering a menu of food and beverages with a distinctive image. We offer dine-in, catering, take-out, and delivery services.

Our Menus

Oriental Palace offers a moderate-low priced collection of Chinese and Japanese food with a common theme - to provide exotic and healthy (natural ingredients) oriental food to the neighborhood.

There are different ways that customers can enjoy our food. Customers may order by phone; the food will be available for pickup and they can enjoy it on the run; or the food may be delivered to businesses or residences. They may also enjoy our food in our dining area serviced by our waitresses, where there will be approximately 50 seats available. In addition, customers can enjoy fresh and healthy Sushi from our Sushi Bar.

Employee Training & Education
All employees will be trained not only in their specific operational area, but also educated with the application of our principles, philosophies, and concepts. They will receive extensive information from the chefs and be up-to-date with the latest information on food preparation.

Systems & Controls

High emphasis is placed upon the extensive researches on the quality and integrity of our products. The freshness and purity of our products will be constantly tested against our high standards. Food costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management.

Food Production
Food production and assembling will take place in the kitchen of the restaurant. Fresh vegetables, meat and dairy products will be used to create most of the dishes from scratch. The chefs will exercise strict standards of sanitation, quality production, and presentation or packaging over the kitchen and service staff. All food will be prepared on our premises. The kitchen is designed for high standards of sanitary efficiency and ease of daily cleansing.